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Web Sites:

Site I designed for my gym consisting of static pages covering the facility & equipment, and a dynamic MySQL/PHP driven scheduling system for group exercise classes.

I helped in the implementation of this MySQL/PHP driven web site. I wrote the Happenings schedule, and helped install the cameras.
Ellerslie United Methodist Church Ellerslie United Methodist Church
This is the web site I designed for my church. Check out the newsletter. I am very proud of my church and this site.
WFWM Sample Site
WFWM Radio
This is a design sample I did for the Frostburg State University College Radio Station, WFWM.
Megcoinspections is an inspection company in Keyser, WV. They cover a large area, why not advertise globally!

Ask josh is a site I did while working at the IPL to incorporate my Chemistry background into web design.
4drvtec  Sample Site

4drvtec is a site my friend has about his car. I did this design just for fun when he was thinking about a re-design.
JWANDREWS  Sample Site

I designed this site after my friend Justin Andrews and I spent weeks watching Celebrity Jeopardy skits form SNL.
I did this piece when I saw my friend tracing outlines of his car. It reminded me of Knight Ryder. Turn your speakers on for full effect. This was an early flash piece I did when a few guys I knew and I started Alt Theory web design.

I did these two version of the web site for Alt Theory.
I created this as part of a trial site I did for JWAndrews. It is a Jeopardy spoof. Turn your speakers on for full effect.
These are a few photos that I took of Ellen's mom's garden in early spring.
Splash Pages:
In one of my original designs of I had a random index with both a Flash and HTML side. So I periodically created these splash pages with options to select HTML or FLash.

Computer News & Stuff

Here are some computer-related links I recommend for buying hardware, tutorials, etc... is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control. With digg, users submit stories for review, but rather than allow an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do.

Here are the top 5 stories currently on

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