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My wife Ellen used to compete in preliminaries to the Miss America Scholarship Pageant for about two years now. At every pageant her mother looks through her purse for a pen and paper so that she could keep score. When I got my Palm in October, I knew what my first programming project for it would be.

I have written an application for the Palm OS for those "Audience Judges" out there who just happen to be "Tech Geeks" also. I may be the only person in the world who may be using my application.

As seen here, the main form of this application allows users to add or delete contestants and then enter contestants Name, Talent score, Life Style & Physical Fitness (Swim Suit) score, Presence & Poise in Evening Gown score, and a Question or Accumulative score. User can also move forward or backward through the list of contestants, or jump to the top or bottom of the list.
The Ranks page is simply a list of all the contestants with their current Total score beside them, a quick way to reference and see who is "winning." Unfortuneaty in this version, the list is not sorted by the total. The contestants are simply in the order entered at the beginning.
Lastly I decided to add one last page to record who the acutal winners were. Since every pageant varies, I left the left side & the right side blank. That way if there is more than one crown being awarded, you just write it in. Along with Interview, Swim Suit, Talent, Community Service, and non-finalist awards.
PageantScore is a free download, but if you try it and like it, please feel free to make a small donation to help support other programming projects to come!

Download PagentScore here!

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